Luis Barragan – Gilardi House

As someone that grew up in a Robin Boyd house in Melbourne (what I have always referred to as a hidden education in design), I have taken on a curious love of architecture and the living space. On a recent trip to Mexico I was fortunate enough to visit the Gilardi House by Mexican architect Luis Barragan in Mexico City. Built in 1975 and one of his most adored projects, it is honestly one of the most jaw dropping and beautiful spaces I have ever experienced. Barely a lightbulb to be seen (bathroom and kitchen), light streams in from above, bounces of coloured walls and envelops the space. And that pool, sheeeesh. You can look at photos and get an approximate idea of a building, but the feeling of actually experiencing and moving around a architectural space like this is truly thrilling. Inspired. You can find more information on this amazing space at the Barragan Foundation website.

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