Love Hultén

It seems that if you can dream it, he can build it. Truly beautiful stand alone pieces of craftsmanship to house one off truly original technological machines. They just scream out to be heard, or at least fiddled with. Amazing work from Love Hultén in Sweden. Plants you can hear, bespoke game consoles, mysterious noise machines and synthesisers to die for. Beauty. Just longing to appear in films that I’d love to see. A heap many more projects to be seen at the Love Hultén website. Highly desirable. I may be dribbling.

Desert Songs – cacti biodata to midi, organic randomness, how theraputic
Pink Lab – Sound machine
R – K A I D – D S K – 4 – Folding portable that stores 10,000+ games
DX 84 – Synthesiser

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