Seeing the Invisible

Open all the way through until August 2022, the truly awesome Seeing the Invisible augmented reality exhibition can be seen at 12 botanic garden sites in 6 different countries. If there is a location near you, then go – it’s a real treat. Melburnians get to choose between The Royal Botanic Gardens and Cranbourne Botanic Gardens which are both included. With a charged phone and the downloaded app, my partner and I super enjoyed hours of fun walking and discovering the spectacular artworks. It becomes glaringly obvious of who else is also viewing the artworks, peering through phones, bending and manoeuvring around invisible objects – hilarity ensues.

Initiated by the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens in partnership with Outset Contemporary Art Fund, the exhibition includes artworks from 13 established artists including Refik Anadol, Ai Wei Wei, Ori Gersht and Australia’s own Mel O’Callaghan. Although I have viewed many AR and VR exhibitions in the past, the scale and quality of the artworks on display really left me with a feeling that I was peering into the future. Radical and wonderful.

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Mohammed Kazem – Directions (Zero)
Mel O’Callaghan – Pneuma
El Anatsui – AG + BA
Ai Wei Wei – Gilded Cage (outside)
Ai Wei Wei – Gilded Cage (inside)

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