Johan Deckmann

Copenhagen-based Johan Deckmann is a practicing psychotherapist, author and artist. His fictional book covers of non-existent self help books are brilliant and eerily relatable. Brutally honest and with the best of intentions, they really do serve as a valuable reminder of what goes on in our own heads versus how we interpret others. I particularly […]

Unknown Sources

Starting the year with some energy. The un hype reel is some seriously stunning work from Aaron Sjogren and Ian Miller of Unknown Sources. Love this flavour, hyper quick, info graphics / data, moody sound and a slick edit. Get’s me energised for the year ahead. Reminds me of Ryoji Ikeda’s work, must keep my […]


Spanish born Fran Rodríguez creates stunning images that inspire a feeling of dreamy awe and endless space. No wonder he seems to have created so much album cover art. A hint of sci-fi, minimalism, collage, surrealism and psychedelia all wrapped up in a distinctive subtly muted palette. Makes me want to go home and listen […]

The Jerks

By the always brilliant Iorama Studo – The Jerks is a new app that uses body tracking technology to animate a bunch of fun jerky characters. Whilst this sort of technology has been around for a long time (think Jar Jar Binks and Gollum), the improvements in phone cameras and the amount of processing power […]

Andrés Reisinger

If it becomes possible before the end of my life to upload me into the cloud, where I live for eternity, then I would chose to live here at this incredibly imagined snowy escape by Andrés Reisinger. No doubt the metaverse will become a vibrant, hectic and strange place, surrounds like this seem perfect for […]


Well here is a can of worms. Fun and frightening all at the same time. Enough to make any image creator face palm. I have been curiously playing with the Open AI DALL·E 2 software which can create realistic images from text prompts. Much like the ability to accurately and quickly find what you are […]

Oimo Jelly

Still a big sucker for these type of delightful mouse art / toys. Click and drag and play and be in awe of saharan’s cool coding abilities. I am. Fun to play. Images below are screen grabs only – go here for the fun jelly and there is also plenty of other fun coding experiments […]

Jaume Albert Marti

This rad image series (Ratón Salvaje) from Spanish photographer Jaume Albert Marti reminds me of unhinged childhood excitement. To burst at the seams. Not so much the hardened souls minding their booths, but the cool night, wild typography and coloured lights all take me back if only for a moment, to a non adult life. […]

Ryan D Anderson

I recently stumbled across the work of Ryan D Anderson from Vancouver and was just about instantly hooked, mostly with that show me more, show me more – type feeling. Gentle soothing sounds, earthy palette and a retro comic book finish, all equate to simple pleasure. It was on the gram when Goober first appeared, […]


Looom, not a typo, this wonderful app deserves the extra ooooh. I remember reading about Looom before it was released and then following along when it did become available, only to then realise that my ipad was so old that the app would not function, major doh. Then Covid, lockdown, new app for mind maintenance […]