Regine Schumann

German artist Regine Schumann is fascinated by the constant changes and effects of light. Me too. Her pieces mostly consist of acrylic panels, blacklight and polylight cord to create variable colour spaces. An extension or expansion of an architectural space, the light can enhance and change a space dramatically. Beautiful. Let there be light. You […]

River Claure

I love the still image. Sometimes a photographer’s work just really grabs you. I felt this way when I stumbled across the work of River Claure from Bolivia. Striking, powerful and a little playful. I was moved, thank you River. Many more ongoing projects to view at his website.

PangPang Pusher

Seriously really rather very cute packaging project by Swedish art director and designer Jens Nilsson for PangPang microbrewery. As a lover of sour beer (just try it), typography, animation and playful design, this project ticks all the boxes. Just leaves me yearning to try one! Top job Jens. Plenty of other very bold design projects […]

Yuri Suzuki

Have always loved the idea of ambient sound, maybe it stems from canned laughter and street sounds. What is music? Sound artist Yuri Suzuki has created what he refers to as a “sound conditioner”. Love this, and so well executed. Strangely I thought the unit was very much larger until the human hand is seen […]

Luis Barragan – Gilardi House

As someone that grew up in a Robin Boyd house in Melbourne (what I have always referred to as a hidden education in design), I have taken on a curious love of architecture and the living space. On a recent trip to Mexico I was fortunate enough to visit the Gilardi House by Mexican architect […]


I have an Ubermaglon! Perhaps my favourite project of the year. Created by artist James Paterson (of Presstube fame) and musician Stephen Ramsay (Young Galaxy), Kriller is a an online generative art project. Divide a week into 6300 equal pieces and each of those pieces of time (or cassette’s) would be 96 seconds long. Each […]


Sydney based Suhm was founded by Matt Strempel and Phil Clark. A project based around a mutual love of shapes, I can dig that. Bit thrilled to be added to their collection of Australian artists alongside photographer Ruth Hellema, artist Jason McDonald and collage artist Caitlin Ziegler. Two new exclusive collections by pixelshifter, Eggs and […]

Mikaela Stafford

Mikaela Stafford makes beautiful organic, abstract, colour saturated images and video that bring a sense of calmness and curiosity. So good to see such strong work coming out of my own home town in Melbourne. Some of my favourite images below. And be sure to check her website where you can see a heap of […]

Max Cooper

As a long time fan of Max Cooper’s stunning visual (and audio) work, I was recently blown away by his live 3D AV performance at the new Melbourne Now or Never festival at Melbourne Exhibition Building (great venue for such a gig and sound quality was superb). The highlight for me was his Symphony in […]

Brendan Dawes

Beauty formed from code. As a big fan of digital art and animation, I find this medium of using generative coding techniques to display data in interesting and beautiful ways to be most impressive. Brendan Dawes from the UK is the master. Whether its visualising shipping routes, dancers movements or even using generative flowers to […]