Max Cooper

As a long time fan of Max Cooper’s stunning visual (and audio) work, I was recently blown away by his live 3D AV performance at the new Melbourne Now or Never festival at Melbourne Exhibition Building (great venue for such a gig and sound quality was superb). The highlight for me was his Symphony in […]

Brendan Dawes

Beauty formed from code. As a big fan of digital art and animation, I find this medium of using generative coding techniques to display data in interesting and beautiful ways to be most impressive. Brendan Dawes from the UK is the master. Whether its visualising shipping routes, dancers movements or even using generative flowers to […]

Space Type Generator

Space Type Generator (as the name might suggest) is an online tool that allows you to generate animated type using a vast array of presets and controls. For anyone with an interest in type, design, motion graphics and/or animation you may need to set aside at least a day or so. I myself got pleasantly […]

Symbol Audio

The Symbol Audio website left me feeling as I would hope to, being a web designer, a little gooey. Maybe it’s the product, great photography or just the mood I was in (or the track I was listening to at the time), but when it all comes together it just feels great. The Symbol Audio […]

Small Talk

Can relate. So personal, so hard to relay the experience of the living sleep. Dreams are quite the wonder. I laughed out loud for real. From Adult Swim. More of Chris Rutledge’s curiously excellent & quirky works can be seen on his Instagram page.

Rehousing Technosphere

Imagine life on Earth in the very, very distant future. Where storms have caused materials to merge and remix, and perhaps even some of the physical laws we take for granted have been completely rewritten. The team at Wang & Söderström in Denmark imagined just such a world and the results are stunning. With just […]

Johan Deckmann

Copenhagen-based Johan Deckmann is a practicing psychotherapist, author and artist. His fictional book covers of non-existent self help books are brilliant and eerily relatable. Brutally honest and with the best of intentions, they really do serve as a valuable reminder of what goes on in our own heads versus how we interpret others. I particularly […]

Unknown Sources

Starting the year with some energy. The un hype reel is some seriously stunning work from Aaron Sjogren and Ian Miller of Unknown Sources. Love this flavour, hyper quick, info graphics / data, moody sound and a slick edit. Get’s me energised for the year ahead. Reminds me of Ryoji Ikeda’s work, must keep my […]


Spanish born Fran Rodríguez creates stunning images that inspire a feeling of dreamy awe and endless space. No wonder he seems to have created so much album cover art. A hint of sci-fi, minimalism, collage, surrealism and psychedelia all wrapped up in a distinctive subtly muted palette. Makes me want to go home and listen […]

The Jerks

By the always brilliant Iorama Studio – The Jerks is a new app that uses body tracking technology to animate a bunch of fun jerky characters. Whilst this sort of technology has been around for a long time (think Jar Jar Binks and Gollum), the improvements in phone cameras and the amount of processing power […]