I have an Ubermaglon! Perhaps my favourite project of the year. Created by artist James Paterson (of Presstube fame) and musician Stephen Ramsay (Young Galaxy), Kriller is a an online generative art project. Divide a week into 6300 equal pieces and each of those pieces of time (or cassette’s) would be 96 seconds long. Each cassette of audiovisual goodness is generated by code from a library of illustrations (converted to vector from James’s ink illustrations) and include sweet audio from a bank of tingly sound bites from Stephen Ramsay which accompany the animated pieces beautifully. Cassettes are then minted on the blockchain by their owner (fabricator). As a long time Presstube fan I have always been in awe of the unusual blend of illustration and coding that James has a handle on, he is one unique dude who is continuing to push into new areas of expression, as shown by this fantastic project. And it would seem that the process of naming the large volume of files has been used in such a way that the generated cassettes also have unique names that seem to read from another world – a little bit more genius. Just very rad all round. Also some frames below from the very impressive Kriller website where you can find out a lot more.

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