Space Type Generator

Space Type Generator (as the name might suggest) is an online tool that allows you to generate animated type using a vast array of presets and controls. For anyone with an interest in type, design, motion graphics and/or animation you may need to set aside at least a day or so. I myself got pleasantly lost. A growing number of start points (cylinder, field, ribbon, string etc) each contain both a range of presets and as much control as you could possible ask for. The controls are so vast they allow for both heavy and subtle manipulation, making for an infinite amount of end results. Pushing the onscreen results to extremes gave me much joy. And it’s not just for fun, once you have finessed your masterpiece you can output to quicktime or gif (options vary, there is always the option to screen record too) and then use the end result in your website, animation project, film clip or social media. Kiel Mutschelknaus is the brains and programmer behind this enviable project. Truly excellent Kiel. These sort of online tools are bound to become more prevalent in the future. Some examples of my play below.

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