TOM Total Outdoor Media

TOM (Total Outdoor Media) gets a design refresh and slick overhaul. The 2020 rebuild still functions really well with great usability feedback from both the TOM staff and clients. But with the announcement of a fantastic new INTOMISSION project and the desire to push towards a higher end market, the need to create a more “prestige” presence was requested. The Elementor page builder easily allowed for major framework changes, as well as significant visual changes without having to change the overall structure at all. New footer added to all pages, updated menu, video content added throughout, team updates and a design refresh were all completed as part of the major update. Be sure to check out the great new INTOMISSION project, bringing art to billboards across regional Victoria to both promote a wide range of Australian artists and also provide a needed and positive break from the advertising.

The website also includes an interactive map that allows for the viewing of a wide variety of the companies projects throughout regional Victoria (now separated into Static & Digital), the growing team from TOM are once again proudly sharing their message. Website design, build and implementation by pixelshifter.

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