The Alternative Limb Project

What an amazing project. The Alternative Limb Project was founded by Sophie de Oliveira Barata who seems to have found an very special little niche. By using the unique medium of prosthetics, highly amplified wearable art pieces are created that no doubt bring an incredible sense of self to the user. I was overwhelmed on seeing this project. No doubt having to deal with the loss of a limb is a huge deal in a persons life. And while these beautiful projects would obviously come at a cost, the end result must bring a massive sense of individuality and content to the recipient. Even an increased level of functionality in some of the projects. If I was to ever find myself in need of a new limb, I would definitely want a cyborg or Inspector Gadget type solution. I feel certain Sophie must enjoy her work a great deal, creating these stunning pieces and bringing an extension of personality to the user. You can read more about the project at the altlimbpro website. Incredible.

Prosthetic arm for gamer James Young, inspired by the Metal Gear Solid video game.
Veronika Pete, cyborg inspired prosthetic leg.
Anatomical leg for ex-serviceman, Ryan Seary.
The Materialise arm for Kelly Knox.

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