I’ve opened an online shop! The initial ‘turns’ collection consists of 21 calming images available in a range of sizes and framing options. Framed orders include free delivery anywhere in Australia, and unframed orders are delivered safely in a sturdy tube to anywhere in the world.



Experimenting with this fascinating new medium. I am a strong believer in both blockchain technology and of art belonging on screens.

Available to collect at objkt.com

curious? need help?

The objkt platform uses the Tezos cryptocurrency. Tezos is a “Proof of Stake” blockchain, making it 99.9% more energy efficient than “Proof of Work” platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Because of this, tezos tokens are one of the most environmentally friendly options available for buying and selling NFTs. If you are curious, follow this super handy video explanation on how to collect NFT’s using Tezos. If you are Australian, setting up a cryptocurrency account at coinspot.com.au is super easy.