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As a website developer I view many websites (when I find the extra time). What makes for an engaging experience is dependant on many factors, but first and foremost it all comes down to great content. You can throw all the budget and special effects at a movie, but if the script ain’t right, chances are you’ll wander off. Same with websites. Great design and user experience only compliment worthy content.

Maybe it was the time of year (a week before end of year break), but the Left Right Walk website really struck me for a number of reasons. Great minimal design, super easy to navigate on all devices. Great photography (occasionally cheeky) throughout by the many contributors (most of whom are writers, travellers, photographers). And really honest, often humorous writing. Calling the travel tips section “Macgyvers” – nice. Those touches can really make a difference on the level of engagement. But the overall feel was that this website is doing a great job of what it has set out to do, provide a platform for travellers to share their stories. Quality content presented in a very pleasing wrapper. Ticked the boxes for me, but I suppose they are presenting travel options which is always very appealing. An hour passed before I knew it.

Bit like a low budget indie movie that leaves you completely satisfied. 5 stars Margaret.

See – www.leftrightwalks.com

6 Glaciers, Alberta, Canada
Akchour Cascade, Talassemtane National Park, Morocco
Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA
Montserrat, Catalonia, Spain
Brekky burger

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