Brendan Dawes

Beauty formed from code. As a big fan of digital art and animation, I find this medium of using generative coding techniques to display data in interesting and beautiful ways to be most impressive. Brendan Dawes from the UK is the master. Whether its visualising shipping routes, dancers movements or even using generative flowers to highlight alerts of a threat on a network, his work enables us to see the information presented in new and astounding ways. More than art, this use of both maths and code improves how data is presented and may lead to complete new interpretation and understanding of the systems they represent. Set up a generative system, add some very strong design aesthetic and let the data dance. Below are some stills from some of the many varied projects found on his extensive website. Super impressive.

Trend Micro – threat detection in the form of generative flowers
The Pandora Variations – music, choreography and generative art
Factory Studios – output visualisations
3000 shipping routes

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